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Soap Bar Party Favors (MED)





1.9-2.2oz (M) Bar


Soap Bar Party #2 Bar – Gift & Event Favors for every occasion!


Our standard collection of regular size soap bars are available in mini Party Favors and are suitable for most every occasion and event. Available in a variety of soap types. **Follow links below.


Estimated weight of each bar is 1.9 – 2.2 oz (Medium Size Single Bars)


Minimum Order: 25 Bars of each soap type


About the Bars:
• are made to order
• are entirely handcrafted, hand cut & hand packaged
• make luxurious Hostess Gifts and gifts for any occasion
• are packaged with decorative wrapping and product labeling
• rustic features, hot or cold process, organic, all natural ingredients/soap
• include instructions for use and storage
• include our standard “Thank You” tag


Please allow for slight variations in cut and color of bars due to the fact that they are entirely natural and handcrafted. These features add to the rustic appearance and make each bar a unique.



**Descriptions for each bar type can viewed from the Soap Box – Main Menu – Individual and 2 Bar Package or Follow the Links Below:
Baby Bastille |Calendula | Honey, Oats & Milk | Kaolin Clay|Lavender Lush | Lavender Bastille | Lemongrass Almond Butter | Oatmeal Shea | Mountain Sage |Naked Coconut


Order Processing
We ask that you order ahead of time to ensure that your gifts/favors will be ready & delivered on schedule.
Depending on your order, quantities and season; your order can take between 6 -12 weeks before it is ready to be shipped. We recommend that you contact us for more specific time frames.


Rush Orders:

Soap Requires a minimum of 4 weeks to cure, as a result “Rush Orders” are not always possible.
If you require rush service, please connect with us prior to placing your order. We will try to find a solution for you.  (Additional charges are applicable for “Rush Orders”)


We will gladly customize our products for all your special events
and create something special just for you!
(Additional charges may apply for some custom orders).


Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you need help placing your order.
We will work with you to ensure that your order is perfect and exceeds your expectations!

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs

25, 100

Soap Bar:

Baby Bastille, Calendula, Honey, Oats & Milk, Kaolin Clay, Lavender Lush, Lavender Bastille, Lemongrass Almond Butter, Oatmeal Shea, Mountain Sage, Naked Coconut

Cautions & Warnings:

All Party Favors & Gifts that contain Essential Oils come with appropriate information on each label.

Products that contain essential oils and are branded with our Natural Apothecary Logo; are not suitable for pregnant or nursing women, children under the age of 15 and people with certain medical conditions OR for use with certain medications.

Essential oils may have contraindications for the use while taking certain medication and are not recommended at all for use with some health conditions.

Please read ingredient listings carefully, KNOW your Health and if in doubt please consult your physician before using essential oils/products containing essential oils.

Do NOT use products that contain ingredients that you are allergic to. We recommend that you always skin test all new products.
If at any time an irritation occurs, discontinue using the product and seek medical attention if necessary.

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