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We’ve got you covered from Head-to-Toe
All Natural – Aromatherapy Based Bath, Body, Hair & Skin Care Products PARTY FAVORS & GIFTS


Packed with skin loving ingredients, all our products work well together or on their own and
offer multiple uses and benefits to help cleanse, moisturize and nourish all skins,
up lift the spirit and stimulated the senses.

Most products are available in standard sizes (for personal use, gift giving, favors)
and in “miniature” sizes which are perfect for party favors and hostess gifts.

All NATURAL APOTHECARY Products are made with organic, *certified organic, eco-friendly and/or fair trade, cruelty free and naturally sustainable ingredients.

Our Products are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.

NATURAL APOTHECARY COLLECTIONS & PRODUCTS are made with natural oils and butters, are “Naturally Scented” and colored with botanicals (herbs and spices), clays, fruit and vegetable powders and may contain “Essential Oils”. Follow Link to  Read More About Ingredients…


PARTY TIME COLLECTIONS – Gifts & Party Favors for all gift giving occasions & special events

HOME ESSENTIALS – Potpourri and Aromatherapy Scented Oils for the home, Gifts & Party Favors

Head-to-Toe Collections are branded with our Natural Apothecary LOGO or our Baby Basket Collection Logo and consist of wide range of bath, body and skincare products that are available “naturally scented” or are scented with essential oils. (The collections are identified below)

  • Unless otherwise indicated in the product description “naturally scented” products are generally suitable for all skins and all ages and DO NOT contain any essential oils. They naturally smell like the ingredients they are made with.
  • Products branded with our Natural Apothecary Logo that contain essentials oils have been formulated with a ratio of 1-3% of the total listed ingredients are intended to be used by adults ONLY. (Please refer to warnings at the bottom of the page).
  • Our Baby Basket Products that contain essentials oils have been formulated with a ratio of .25-.50% of total listed ingredients and are intended to be used on children over the age of 3 years and by individuals who prefer lighter scented products. We do not recommend using essentials oils on children under the age of 3. (Refer to Warnings at the bottom of the page).

BABY BASKET COLLECTION – Products for Baby and Children under 15, Gifts and Party Favors

  • Baby Basket Products are packed with a bundle of natural ingredients for your little bundle of joy. “Naturally Scented” our baby balms, body powders, baby chest rubs, baby soaps and baby oils; clean, nourish, keep skin moisturized and help condition dry, chapped skin. Suitable for all skin types, the products in this line can be used year round on your baby’s delicate skin, on toddlers and on yourself.

BED HEAD COLLECTION – Hair & Scalp Products 
Hair and Scalp Oils

FOOT PATROL COLLECTION – Products for the Feet, Gifts and Party Favors
Foot Scrubs, Foot Oils, Foot Balms, Foot Powders

KISSABLES COLLECTION – Products for the Face and Lips, Gifts and Party Favors
Lip Balms, Lips Scrubs, Facial Bars, Face Masks, Face Scrubs, Moisturizers

SKIN FOOD COLLECTION – Products for Body, Gifts and Party Favors
Butters, Balms, Lotion Bars & Sticks, Body Scrubs, Salves, Body Powders, Bath, Body & Massage Oils, Hot & Cold Compresses

SOAP BOX COLLECTION – Cold and Hot Processed Soap Bars & Products, Gifts and Party Favors
Standard Natural Bars, Gourmet Bars, Seasonal Bars, Custom Loafs & Bars, Specialty Bars

TUB TIME – LUXURY BATH COLLECTION – Products for the Bath & Shower, Gifts and Party Favors
Bath Bombs, Bath Melts, Bath Milks, Bath Salts and Bath Teas

zero-in on WELLNESS and our Natural Apothecary are not responsible for any individuals’ reaction to any product or to any particular ingredient in a product. Our product descriptions all include a complete list of ingredients, including the all ingredients that are used to make our proprietor blends of Specialty Oils, Aromatherapy Scents and Aromatherapy Blends. We recommend that you do not use products that contain ingredients that you are sensitive to and to always do a skin test with any new product purchased. If at any time an irritation occurs, discontinue using the product and seek medical attention if necessary.


  • All our products are for EXTERNAL USE ONLY.  Do Not Eat.
  • Products that contain oils will make the tub/shower slippery. Always use caution when getting in/out of tub/shower.
  • Products that contain essential oils and are branded with our Natural Apothecary Logo are not suitable for pregnant women, small children and people with certain medical conditions.
  • Products that contain essential oils and are branded with our Baby Basket Logo; are not recommended for use on children under the age of 3; may not suitable for pregnant women; may not be suitable for children and adults with certain medical conditions.
  • Essential oils may have contraindications for the use while taking certain medication and are not recommended at all for use with some health conditions.
  • Do not use Adult products which contain essentials oils on children under the age of 15 years. These have been formulated for adults and are not safe for children.
  • Please read ingredient listings carefully, KNOW your Health and if in doubt please consult your physician before using essential oils/products containing essential oils.
  • Do NOT use products that contain ingredients that you are allergic to.
  • We recommend that you always skin test all new products .

If you have any question at all about any of our products or are not sure about what product to buy please do not hesitate to contact us for information. We will gladly recommend a product that would be most suitable for you.