About Us

Our Mission

To provide our customers with superior all natural Aromatherapy based bath, body, skin and hair care products that are made with the highest quality of available raw and naturally sustainable ingredients; to create products that can be used by the entire family; and to provide customers with options and products that are formulated for their individual and unique needs.

To achieve our mission;
 – we openly disclose all our ingredients used in each of our products
 – to ensure product freshness, 90% of our products are made to order
 – by making our products “green and clean”
 – we will address your skin care concerns and offer custom blending options
 – we aim to provide exceptional customer service

We believe in taking care of your largest organ, your SKIN!

We believe in taking care of your skin and with 20 years of experience in skin care, aesthetics and aromatherapy we’ve seen some REALLY good products and a lot of NOT so good products (products that contain ingredients found on our “Naughty List”)! We don’t want to be on any naughty list, so when we make our products we think of it as “SKIN FOOD” ; we think “CLEAN & GREEN” ; and only use ingredients that are natural and naturally good for you, cruelty free and environmentally friendly.


Only the finest ingredients are ever used in each of our custom blends and in all of our products. All ingredients are natural source ingredients which are; fair trade, naturally sustainable, eco-friendly and/or organic or *certified organic. Our products are made with natural oils and butters, are naturally scented and colored with botanicals (herbs and spices), clays and fruit and vegetable powders. For added scent we use essential oils ONLY. Our products are chemical and preservative free and contain no water.

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Made in small batches our products are made entirely by hand and are hand packaged, so you may notice a slight variation in each product and from batch to batch! However, the end product and quality always remains the same; our products will naturally stimulate your senses and leave your skin feeling silky soft and healthy looking. We carefully select all of the ingredients that go into each and every product to give each product it’s own personality and uniqueness.


From Nature with Love!

Baby Basket – Products for Baby and Children under 15
 BedHead – Hair & Scalp Products
 Kissables – Products for the Face and Lips
 Skin Food – Products for Body
 Soap Box – Cold/Hot Processed Soap Bars
 Tub Time – Bath Products
 Party Time – Gifts & Party Favors for all Gift Giving Occasions & Special Events
 My Space – Natural Environmental Products
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I hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them for you!